Moving to the Next Level

I got promoted last week!

I received the good news last Sunday (workweek starts on Sunday in this side of the world) in the form of an envelope containing my promotion and bonus. What a way to start the week!

After spending months of waiting, I guess all of us in the office are waiting for any news. Finally, the moment had arrived. I thank God for another milestone in my career.

Honestly, I have waited so long for the position I am aiming. I jumped from one company to another during the start of my career. When I landed to a company where I was so comfortable with, I thought I finally found the right workplace for me. However, my stay lasted only for a year and a half. I followed the calling of my heart and decided to leave the Philippines for the first time and tried my luck working in abroad – with my Lovsy.

We were starting our relationship then and she was working on a small island in Europe. She had no plans to come home yet and would like to explore more working abroad. We met half way and applied to an audit firm in the Middle East (halfway indeed). Maybe we were destined to move to a new country or just plain luck as both of us was hired at the same time. I left my career back home and started step lower from my position back then.

I consider myself as a diligent staff who always tried to deliver but I could say I am not the superstar type of staff. I am not the Lebron or Kobe with Mamba Mentality. However, I consider myself as a San Antonio Spurs player who follows the game plan as what Coach Popovich orchestrated. I win some and I had my own share of off nights. Nevertheless, I always go out and play.

Although each year, I received a raise and get promoted my jump is only one step from my former position. As compared to some of my colleagues they jumped twice as I did. I know they deserve their promotions as they have greater exposures and demands from the projects they handled. There came a point when Desiderata was my mantra. To be content with what I have but not at the expense of being mediocre.

Then my moment has come. My promotion this year is not a single step but a double. I jumped to the next level. It is the position I waited so long. All those what ifs questions were not answered.

Had I did not leave my work back home I should be at the position I am dreaming of, I guess.

Had I only stayed to my first job, I should be at the level I am waiting for by now.

All of these were behind me. I finally got the monkey off my shoulders.

I still question myself if I am ready to the position my bosses has bestowed upon me. I know I need to elevate my game and be more equipped with technical skills. I read this line that being comfortable is a problem and it is better to be uncomfortable from time to time to avoid the pit of being complacent.

So bring it on and let’s start slaying dragons!


The Reunion

I don’t know why I love to complicate my life. When I welcome 2018, I set my mind to two things – the upcoming audit season and my online t-shirt business venture. It was not included on my list to lead my high school batchmates for our grand reunion.

It all started when I invited my former high school classmates a couple of weeks ago for mini get together. Since my Lovsy and I moved to our new love nest, I thought to throw a housewarming to our friends – starting with my high school friends. When my classmate posted some of our photos on Facebook, I read comments from our other batchmates calling for our batch reunion. The clamor continues and I know my batchmates are waiting for someone to spearhead the reunion. No one else but the class president – and that’s me.

For the past years, hearing about the class reunion from high school friends made me feel uneasy. It was a burden on my back which I always wanted to unload. I had a perception that all the works in planning our batch reunion would fall into my hands. Not to mention that I didn’t have any clue how to raise the fund for our reunion. So I always cut the discussion or draw a smile every time they asked me about when and where our reunion would be.

But things changed after the mini get together my classmates and I had here in Doha. For an unknown reason, I started drafting a plan and found the courage to contact my other classmates through Facebook Messenger. I individually shared my plan to those who eventually become the Committee Leaders and Representatives. Later that day, I started creating the Facebook Group Page and Group Chat.

It turns out my batchmates are only waiting for this spark plug. The responses from our batchmates are positive. I was surprised we started to close the million dollar question – When will be our batch reunion? Majority of the guys agreed to hold the event on May 23, 2020. Yes, your vision is clear. It will be two years from now in order for our batchmates working and living in abroad can plan their travels back to the Philippines ahead of time.

Having no idea what my batchmates want for our reunion, I raised an online survey. The turnaround is quite satisfactorily. Before this week ended, I have delegated the main tasks and our treasurer has opened a bank account for the collections.

I don’t know what will be the result of our planning in the days, weeks, and months to come. All I know is that, wala ng atrasan to. With the help of my batchmates, I am so hopeful that we can make a better plan and execute our plans for our reunion.



A New Beginning

What’s up guys! Happy New Year to all and hello 2018!

I know a dozen of days had passed since we celebrated the New Year but I just want to great whoever is reading my blog right now. Another reason why I feel upbeat is that I finally resolved how to access my blog.

For almost a couple of years now since I last accessed my Dormboy blog. I tried to retrieve the username and password but I ended up being frustrated. I almost resigned to the fact that I could no longer write in my original blog. I tried to open different blog sites but I missed much my Dormboy blog.

Call it a sign that I should go back blogging again and the timing is just right. So without further adieu, I’m back!

Before I start writing about how my 2018 started, let me share with you tidbits of stories of how great my 2017 was.


My 2017 started with series of travels. I flew to London to do work stuff and it was my first taste of winter in the UK. I know I love cold climate but I guess I should be careful to what I wish for. Then it was followed by another fieldwork in Dubai in February.

Skipping work-related travels, my Lovsy and traveled to the United States last June. It was my first time to visit the Land of the Free and I could say it was all fun. Together with Lovsy’s sisters, we spent time in Disney Cruise and enjoyed our time in the Magic Kingdom in Florida. We were awed by the fireworks in Disneyland which is the highlight of our vacation. Once again, we were kids again. The rest of our stay was split in Texas and in New Jersey. Overall, my first stary in the States is A-Okay!

During the Eid Holiday, we managed to book a great deal in the Maldives. Both my Lovsy and I love the beach in the Maldives so our trip was actually our three-peat. Before we the year ended we managed to spend Christmas back home. What a way to end the year indeed.


I was not happy when I was moved to another department in our firm before the start of 2017. Good thing I recall the book “Who Moved my Cheese” and eventually, I learned to love my new assignment. I found my way in and my niche in my team. Although there are struggles along the way, still I accepted the grit and grind of my new work.

During the year, I also moved to the next step. Boy, it took some time since I attained the position and finally, Dormboy has landed.  So if I could grade my career, I will still give an A+.

Love Life

Let me start by saying, I love the married life. I found a great wife and I enjoy each moment with Lovsy. We almost spend the whole 2017 together except those days when my work calls for travel. Although there are petty arguments and misunderstandings during our first year of marriage, still the happy days outweigh the lonely moments.

During the last quarter of 2017, we decided to move together and found a new flat where we can say our own. After living in Qatar for five years, I never thought that we accumulated tons of stuff which made hard for us to move to our new abode. Still, we managed to settle in just a couple of weeks.

Our new place has driven us to enjoy our weekend visits in IKEA. We loved the breakfast in IKEA and enjoyed viewing the set-up made by IKEA. Moving to our own place gave us the opportunity to grow together as a couple, to be carefree and be just us. Spending, home cooked meals, or pizza night on Thursday night was more fun than before. Sounds light a great A for the matter of the heart.


I admit there are struggles along the way. My goal to be a debt free man is still a goal-in- process. Also, before I ended 2017, I started a T-shirt Project. I am still learning the rope on how to run the t-shirt business. This project makes me afloat this 2018. I will write a different article about my t-shirt business. So right now, I could say B rating for my money matters.

I plan to write more but I feel sleepy right now. I let my fingertips punch the keys and let the ideas flow. So as I bade farewell 2017, I want to say my big thanks to God for a wonderful 2017!

2018 here I come!!!

Ang nagbabalik,



I want to have a tattoo.

This is what first came into my mind while I was listening to the new song of Coldplay entitled Ink. Maybe I am just curious how painful it is to have an ink. Or I just want to have a mark in my body, para lang masabi na I have a something that has a deep personal meaning in my life.

I have college friends who got their tattooes. My former roommate made his own design and asked permission from his wife to have it tattooed. Two of my lady friends have their tattooes at their back. I remember they chose a butterlfly and a Chinese character for their body ink. I told them, soon I will have my own tattoo but my words just got blew by the wind. It never happened.

One time I had a chat with my former officemate, she’s a lady by the way and our conversation went to the topic of having an ink. I was surprised when her parents especially her dad is open to the idea of having a tattoo but for a certain tattoo – the medal of Saint Benedict. For most Catholic, the medal is famous because of the belief that the medal can drive away evil spirits and as form of protection. My lady friend wants to have it inked at her back.

I remember almost the same scenario when I was still in college. I remember my former Dorm Master who were assigned previously in Vatican. He almost became a priest if I was not mistaken. Eventually he went back to Baguio and became a Religion professor. I knew him as well more on as a holy type of person. I was surprised when he told us that he has a tattoo. It was made in Italy during his stay there and inked the symbol of his congregation.

Indeed there are reasons why people have tattoo. We don’t just put a mark in our body for no reason. Unless of course if we are just too delinquent and considered our body as a blank piece of paper and write whatever we want.

I believe having a tattoo is a big decision to make. It is binded with our emotions and experiences in life. We want to have stories of our tattoo. We want to put a symbol that will remind us. We put the face of our dear love ones or family who already departed. We chose lines or saying we used as our mantra in life.

Then I realize that living in this world gives us the opportunity not only to own a tattoo but to leave a tattoo to other people. It is an invisible kind of tattoo but remains for eternity. We leave an indelible ink to people we interact with. We are our own artist in leaving tattoo to other people.

If I will assess myself, I could say the tattooes I will leave behind are mixed with good and bad tattooes. There are people who will remember my tattoes as their worst encounter with me while some will cherish the inks I will leave behind. Some tattooes I will leave are deep beyond the epidermis of their bodies, until it reach their hearts. While some would just be like a henna tattoo, only superficial and soon be faded by time. I might give excruciating pain during the process but I hope those pains would soon be changed with joys.

But the worst thing that I could leave behind are tattooes which are mistakenly inked. Those words that I could never get back because they became permanent. Those heartaches I caused because of my personal pride and selfishness. Those tattooes made during the times when I closed my eyes and became insensitve in taking into consideration the feelings of other people.

I want to have a tattoo but this time I want to leave a tattoo that will remind other people of what I was,

what I am, and

what I would be.


January 31 na, parang kailan lang may hang over pa ako ng aking bakasyon sa Pinas at masayang celebration ng Christmas at New Year. Halos isang buwan na rin ako nakabalik sa dati kong trabaho. Nakatapos na tin ako ng isang kliyente at heto’t kakaumpisa ko lang noong nakaraang linggo ng bagong kliyente. Sigurado ako madagdagdagan pa ang aking mga assignment sa mga susunod na mga araw.

Totoo ngang mabilis ang takbo ng mga araw kapag busy. Ang 24 oras ay tila ba parang segundo lang kung lumipas. Lalo na sa napili kong trabaho, kulang ang isang buong araw para matapos ang bawat gawain.

Ngunit sa kabilang banda, pilit ko pa rin gawing normal as much as possible ang bawat araw ko. Pilit ko pa rin makapaghanda ng mainit na breakfast para sa Lovsy ko. Paborito kasi nya ang mushroom omelet with house blended cappuccino. Ang bawat ngiti nya sa umaga ay sapat ng dahilan para ipagpatuloy ko ang pahahanda ng masarap na almusal. Ganun talaga kapag inlove… Inspired.

binalik ko ang pagbabasa ng Didache sa umaga. Nakabili kasi ako ng kopya ng Didache noong umuwi ako sa Pinas. Halos 2 taon din noong huli akong makabasa ng Didache. Alam ko kasing it will be a trying times for me to go back to audit life kaya naisipan kong maghanap ng mapagkukunan ng motivation ang positive vibes to start my every morning. Hindi sa nagpapakabanal ako pero magaan kong nauumpisahan ang bawat araw ko through the words from the Bible and from the testimonies ng mga nagsulat sa Didache.

Pinipilit ko rin bigyan ng oras ang aking katawan. I am not getting younger anymore and nafefeel ko na ang pagbabago sa aking katawan as I enter my 30’s. Sa ngayon tabachoy pa rin ako. Dala dala ko pa rin ang mga taba from holidays. Tama nga sila, bumabagal ang metabolism habang tumatanda. Kaya as much as possible kung may oras para maggym, I go to gym since may libreng gym naman sa building kung saan kami nakatira. Pinapaghalo ko ang workout at stretching from Insanity workout at 20 minutes na pagtakbo sa threadmill. Sinusubukan ko rin magtone ng katawan kaya nagbubuhat din ako ng weights na kaya ko. Next imomonitor ko na rin ang pag inom ng tubig at pagkain ng fruits. Ganito ata talaga pag tumatanda. Sana madisiplina ko sarili ko. Kilala ko kasi sarili ko. Marupok ako.

Isa sa mga gugambala sa isip ko ngayon ay ang mga oras na aking ginugol sa buong buhay ko. Isa dun ang di ko pagtupad sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay. Isa dun ang mgtake ng certification exam. Alam kong nanghihinayang ako sa di ko pagmaximize ng oras ko noong wala pa ako sa audit. Sayang ang bawat oras para mapagreview for my certification. Nandun na kasi ang katamaran at kalituhan kung anong certification ang gusto kong itake. Sinubukan kong magreview for CMA pero hindi inaabsorb ng utak ko. Siguro kasi wala sa hilig ko ang managerial accounting. Pero sa umpisa ng taong ito, biglang bumalik ang pangarap kong makakuha ng certification. Sakto din na may nakuha akong review materials para sa CIA or para sa certified internal auditors. Nais ko pa rin kasi bumalik sa internal audit. At inaamin ko naman na masaya ako sa dati kong trabaho as internal auditor. Kaya heto nasa second week na ako ng aking review. Sana makaya ng brain cells ko ang pagbabalik aral ko. Kung pumasa eh di Wow!!!

At ngayon binabalik ko rin ang oras kong magsulat ulit. Hinayaan ko munang magsulat ng malaya at hindi ko muna inisip kung sa English o sa Tagalog ako magsusulat. Gusto ko lang makapag sulat ulit. Namiss ko ang magblog kaya I am punching again the keys as I deliver my thoughts and what are the things in my mind right now.

Bukas umpisa na naman ng bagong pakikibaka. Umpisa na rin ng bagong buwan. Excited pa rin ako sa kung ano nakahanda para sa akin. Aja pa rin sa mga challenges sa work. At patuloy ko pa rin ipapagpatuloy ang naumpisahan ko.

Gudnight at maaga pa ako bukas para iready ang breakfast namin ni Lovsy… At ang aking house blend cappuccino.

The Pope Fever

The Pope fever has reached Doha and my heart.

Yesterday I started to get glued watching ANC channel for updates about the Pope’s visit in Philippines. Due to the time difference between Doha and Manila, I only got some highlights of the replays of the masses and the messages of the Pope during his homilies and speeches.

This morning when I opened the TV, it was Pope’s image that greeted me. It was a replay of his homily during the mass in Leyte. Through his interpreter, I received his message loud and clear. His sympathy and concern to the victims of typhoon Yolanda was truly sincere. He spoke straight from his heart.

Then I a tiny teardrop fall from my left eye. For the first time in my adult life I experienced to shed a tear after minutes of waking up. The message of our dear Pope has indeed moved my heart. His message is like a reminder snoozing and reminding us that God is always with us and our compassionate God knows our agony and pain in life. That Jesus cries with us as He knows the pains we feel.

Our humble Pope is indeed a servant by God and Pope Francis makes his very best to act as a bridge to all people in bringing the message of God. His call to take care of the poor and to live a simple life struck me the most.

As an OFW, I know that living in materialistic world is easy to fall in. Things changed when my purchasing capacity increased as compared before when I was still in Philippines. I admit that I became frugal in spending money at some extent. I began to ask myself and assess my priorities in life when I listened to Pope Francis’ message to live a simplier life.

Soon Pope Francis will be back to Vatican and our life will go back to normal. But his message will be remembered by millions of Filipinos including myself. I hope that the renewed faith will not end once we go back to our daily life. May his call for a simplier life will be relived by all of us. And I hope I could follow his ways.

To our dear Pope Francis thank you for visiting Philippines and for touching our hearts. As a personal message, thank you for showing me the way how to live a simplier life and to take care of other people especially the poor and the needy. I say this straight from my heart.

Back to Audit

Today I began to feel the effect of going back to audit. The busy season has finally made its way to crawl back to my veins. There is the deadline to beat and overlapping clients.

I already set my mind that I will be busy this 2015. The secondment assignment that saved me last year from the dreaded busy season has ended. I will go back dealing with my former bosses and will divide my time juggling clients assigned to me.

I know that I could not change the track of my career and the flow of my work assignment but I could change one thing, my attitude towards work. I know I can survive this busy season. I will take it one day at a time.